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Why Eagle's Rest Ranch

Here at Eagle's Rest Ranch, our only goal is to help struggling young women and their families heal.

Drawing on decades of experience, and utilizing the best research-based methodologies, our staff is expert at helping young women suffering from trauma and attachment related issues as well as the families that care for them. Our program utilizes a holistic approach that combines multiple therapeutic approaches with accredited education to provide our young women every opportunity to heal and advance.

Perhaps even more important than our therapeutic and educational offerings is the loving and supportive environment in the program that provides the safety that a struggling young woman needs to truly heel. Only employees who will promote this type of environment are allowed to work for Eagle’s Rest Ranch.

Eagle’s Rest Ranch is located on a beautiful 160-acre ranch that provides a peaceful place to heel. Eagle’s Rest Ranch also joins a successful line of programs that are members of the HOPE Group.


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What We Do

We help save the lives and families of young women struggling with trauma and attachment related issues. In few words that is the goal and objective of everything that is done at Eagle’s Rest Ranch. We leave no stone unturned in our efforts to develop the very best plan to treat each young woman and family who come into the program.

Every young woman and family that come into our program are different. Different histories; different struggles and challenges; different hopes and dreams. Given these differences, each young woman receives her own individualized treatment plan that will contain elements of research-based therapies including TF-CBT, DBT, EMDR and equine therapy as well as regular therapeutic and support groups and any other tools that can be utilized in her care. Each educational plan is supported by an accredited school that can help remediate credits, provide for high school graduation and help with college preparation. Each young woman and her family become the most important people in the program.

We never lose sight of the fact that you, as caregivers, are the most important figures in your daughters’ lives. Our role is to step in and become part of your team and help support you and your daughter through the healing process. One of the most critical aspects of our planning is to help both you and your daughter prepare to be reunited and to be able to provide you both tools for a better future together.

How to Get Started

We know placing your child in treatment is difficult, we're here to make it easy.

Take Our Online Assessment

Our easy two-minute form helps our admissions team get to know you and determine if you'll be a fit at Eagle's Rest Ranch

Get Clinically and Financially Approved

Our clinical team will assess your daughter to ensure her fit in our program. Our admissions team will work with you to secure essential funding resources.

Begin the Healing Process

Let's get your family on the right track. Our incredible team of therapists will help break down barriers with your child and get your family back.